3 Moisturizing Nail-Polish Removers For Brittle Nails

"I love taking off my nail polish!" said absolutely no one, anywhere, ever. Even if you're not dealing with a gel manicure or—heaven forbid—glitter (don't get me started), the process of sitting there, inhaling acetone, and scrubbing until you get every last stitch of deep, forest green (ugh, why did you think it was a good idea to choose this shade?) to disappear is just really not fun. For me, it ranks somewhere above emptying the dishwasher but below having to listen to Donald Trump get all yell-y on TV on the Misery Scale. And after you remove all your polish successfully, then comes the task of rehabbing your poor, dried-out nails and cuticles back to some level of acceptability. But if you've been sitting around thinking to yourself, Wait—it's 2016. Why on earth have we not figured out a better way to remove nail polish yet? I have some good news for you: We actually have.

Caption Onto the Next Creme Remover, $5.95. You say "creme"; I say gel. (It's clear! C'mon.) But the important thing to focus on here is that this is not a liquid nail-polish remover. The adorable little squeeze bottle allows you to drip a little glob of the thick, non-runny formula directly onto your nail. After letting it sit for a few seconds, wipe it away with a cotton pad, and it whisks off the polish with near-magical quickness. And while it does contain acetone, the smell is way less overpowering than any other acetone-based remover I've ever used—and there's also a lavender note that makes it almost borderline pleasant. You'll still wind up with slightly dry nails (again, there's acetone in there), but the lavender oil offers a tiny dose of hydration so they're not completely ravaged.

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